Are ceramic teapots better?

Ceramic vessels have been around for centuries. They were prized possessions in European and Asian societies decades ago and remain popular today. Ceramic teapots are particularly useful for tea brewing since they are easy to maintain and offer excellent heat retention. These pots can break more easily than cast iron teapots, but they also require less care, making them the perfect choice for tea enthusiasts.
Ceramic teapots are generally used to brew hot tea and are not ideal for iced teas. These China teapots are also best suited for loose leaf teas rather than tea bags.
Ceramic teapots are similar to porcelain teapots in that they offer a stunning visual dimension to any tea party.
They come in hundreds of different aesthetics including unique shapes and feature intricate hand-painted designs. While clay Yixing pots feature matte finishes, ceramic pots tend to have a glazed finish that reflects light and adds a touch of elegance to any table.

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