Are Japanese cast iron teapots safe?

The coating of Japanese iron pot is made of natural plant juice. The paint is pure natural, non-toxic and relatively expensive. Almost all the openings are made of this coating.This coating will gradually fall off after a long time, is harmless and safe to the human body.

At this stage, the interior of most Japanese iron POTS is coated, with the exception of some southern iron POTS from the Morioka region. Whether old or new, even if there is rust or rust on the surface of the pot, the boiled water is still clear.To achieve this, it is necessary to make the pot maker's own superb casting technology and high-quality raw materials to ensure.

Some pot-owners boil the pot more than a dozen times, but the water is still smelly and cloudy. While expressing sympathy, for your health and not to destroy your good tea, or advise you to decisively throw it away. Because the material of iron pot determines everything, the real high-quality iron pot does not need too complicated boiling process, even if it is only boiled with clean water for several times can be used normally!

When making a pot, use good materials to ensure the technology, and the water burned must be good water. Never seen Japanese take PH paper to test the inferiority and superiority of iron POTS.

Iron pot culture, its essence is primitive, primitive, natural, healthy, do not lose the essence, become a mere formality, parrot.

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