Are Yixing teapots safe?

Its heat preservation properties make Yixing teapots the best teaware for teas that require more heat for an optimal brew. With its slow heat transfer, an Yixing teapot is also safe to hold and use without burning your hands. The special clay absorbs the fragrance of tea.

Herein, how can you tell if a Yixing teapot is real?

 When water is poured over an authentic Yixing teapot, the water will slide down the pot evenly and leave no drops in its path. It will look dry as soon as the water passes smoothly down it's surface. If you see droplets of water, the clay has most likely been altered with chemicals, meaning it is a fake.

Additionally, what is a zisha teapot? ???) ware, they are typically left unglazed and use clays that are very cohesive and can form coils, slabs and most commonly slip casts. These clays can also be formed by throwing. The best known wares made from Yixing clay are Yixing clay teapots, tea pets, and other teaware.

In respect to this, how do you care for a Yixing teapot?

Caring for your yixing is relatively simple. Never wash the teapot with anything except water, never scratch the pot with metal utensils, and make sure to empty the teapot of leaves after brewing, followed by a rinse with boiling water.

What is the size of a Yixing teapot?

The capacity of most popular Yixing pot sizes ranges from a few hundred millilitres (or cc, ml, etc) to 70 or 60 ml. Some readers may wonder if there is any real use for the minute sizes. The answer is yes.

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