Can you put tea in porcelain?

Yes, porcelain teapot suitable for tea. Whether you are using a porcelain teapot with infuser or plan on brewing the tea separately; making tea in a porcelain teapot is quite enriching and enjoyable for even newest of tea lovers.
Step 1: Measure the amount of water your porcelain teapot can carry.
Step 2: Boil the water in a separate boiling pan or kettle.
Step 3: While the water is boiling, warm the porcelain pot by putting a cup of hot water in it and swirling it around. The tea will brew much faster in a warmer porcelain pot.
Step 4: Sticking to the old "one for the pot, one for each person" rule, add the necessary amount of tea to the pot.
Step 5: When the water has boiled, add it slowly to the pot and let it sit for one to six minutes. This depends solely on the weakness and the taste you desire.
Step 6: Remember to always use freshly boiled water with every new cup. Using re-boiled water can give the brew a lifeless, bland taste. It is recommended to use a teapot with an infuser for an easier fix.
Step 7: To avoid a bitter taste, do not let the lea leaves or tea bags sit in the teapot for too long. To keep the tea warm, try putting a cotton cloth over the pot. If you have a small porcelain teapot, you probably will not need this adjustment at all.

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