Do you need a teapot for loose tea?

Making loose tea in a teapot is very similar to making it with a strainer. You will need a tea pot with mesh in the spout or something to catch the leaves as your pour. We recommend a strainer. 

The brewing time remains the same here but the quantities are a little different. The saying ‘one for the pot’ is an easy way to work out the how much tea you should use. Use roughly one tea spoon per person and then add one extra – for the pot – to make sure you tea is brewed to the right strength. 

In the East, teapots are sometimes smaller than 100 ml, but enough for at least 2 people to enjoy the brew from tiny 20-30 ml cups. Smaller teapots usually need a lot of tea leaves, sometimes even half-filled, to enjoy every little flavor and aroma nuance. All eastern-style teapots are perfect for multiple-steeping technique. Use for medium to high quality leaves. Don’t use detergent for cleaning eastern-style teapots and always preheat them before use.