How do I choose the right tea set?

Are you thinking of organizing an afternoon tea at home for your friends? Well, make sure you include the perfect tea set. Your guests will love the originality.
It’s becoming more and more popular to drink different kinds of tea.
It’s an age-old ritual, which can include infusions of different leaves, plants, and spices. Tea is an excellent drink because it’s healthy – there are many benefits to drinking tea.
The tea ceremony is a practice that’s found throughout the world. This has given rise to many different customs and types of tea, and as a result, different ways to serve and drink it. You can find practically any tea sets, infusers, and other accessories from many parts of the world.
All tea lovers know how important it is to have a good tea set at your disposal. However, when you go to choose your next teapot, you should take various factors into account:
The type of tea you’re going to drink. There are many varieties of infusions and the way you prepare and serve them can affect the flavor and aroma.
The time you have available. Making a good pot of tea takes a certain amount of time. However, you might not always have the time available that this ceremony deserves. What could be the solution? Teabags or cups with their own filter or infuser inside, for example.
The existing decor in your dining room or living room. We’re talking about making sure everything is in harmony.
Japanese style tea set
The tea-drinking ceremony in Japan is one of their most appealing and elegant traditions. The whole ritual involves a strict process to be followed. Tea sets in this style faithfully reflect the zen philosophy, something from Eastern culture. It emphasizes the functionality of items as an intrinsic requirement.
Japanese tea bowls are usually made of ceramic. The shape of these tea bowls is clean and polished. However, they also have a distinctive coloring that makes them stand out.
The teapots are also made of ceramic, but many of them have wooden handles. This shows the importance of nature in Japanese culture.
Natural materials make up placemats. Individual placemats in bamboo are perfect, for instance.
As a point of color for your table, you could also include a small vase with a discreet flower, but don’t go overboard. Don’t forget the importance of minimalism in Japanese decor.
Arabic style tea set
The ritual of tea drinking is one of the most transcendent traditions of the Arabs. As with the Japanese tea ceremony, it’s closely linked with this culture’s hospitality, which makes it the perfect complement for your living room.
An outstanding feature of any Arabic tea set is the glasses. These are of tinted glass and have rich decorations in copper and golden colors.
Another essential item is the teapot. It’s made from brass, which is a cheaper material than steel but that allows much more elaborate decoration. These always go together with a placemat underneath and a teapot cover over the top.
Silver trays are also an indispensable item in a good Arabic tea set. These trays have gorgeous figures and carvings on their surface, which makes them priceless.
Finally, to go with your Arabic theme, don’t forget to include some delicious baklava.
English style tea service
English tea sets are an absolute classic in the tea world. Typical English afternoon teas reached their peak in the 19th century during the Victorian era. They’re characterized by elegance and the refinement of the pieces in the tea sets. With their tea traditions and tea sets, the people of the era showed their opulence and aristocratic position in society, something very typical of the times.
Of course, today it’s a simpler job bringing the British sophistication of the age into your home. You just need to pay attention to a few details:
It’s important to choose a tea set that’s of fine china with gilt edges.
The teapot is essential. You could choose one that matches the teacups, or perhaps one of stainless steel, with a gilt lid or details.
Don’t forget about the tablecloth and placemats – lace doilies are typical, as are floral doilies and tablecloths.
Lastly, you can complete the look for your table decor by adding a few extra details. Think candles, a vase with fresh flowers, or a fruit dish with a few small nibbles.

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