How do you clean a Japanese clay teapot?

  • To maintain the evenness of appearance, wipe with a clean, dry cloth while the teapot is still warm.

  • An internal patina will form over time after multiple uses. This brown film develops on the inner surface due to the oxidation process and it will enhance the taste of tea. Do not attempt to scrub the film with abrasive brushes as this may permanently scratch the teapot. However, if red dots appear on the surface and the water gives off a metallic taste, gently scrub the rust spots using a soft brush with natural bristles and rinse with water.

  • To remove the used tea leaves inside the built-in strainer, gently scrub away using a small brush.

  • Do not leave any liquids for long periods of time as this may cause rust and mold to form inside the teapot.

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