How do you get tea stains out of a glass teapot?

Our first method of attacking stains on glass should be soaking. Submerge the glassware in hot water and allow to soak for a minimum of 15 minutes.Remove the glass, and clean as usual. You can even boil your glass in a pot of water.

Be sure that the glass is warm or at least room temperature prior to submerging in hot water. Putting a cold glass item into boiling water will result in cracked or shattered glass.

If the stains remain, attempt a second soak with the addition of bleach or vinegar. Never mix bleach and vinegar together; you could produce chlorine gas.

When soaking doesn’t lift the stains, it’s time to enlist the help of chemical stain removers. Chemicals are also a great way to clean a stain where you can’t reach to scrub it like in the spout of your glass tea pot.

Bleach is a popular option when looking for a stain remover. Its ability to cut through the toughest of messes and leave things gleaming white make it a viable option for removing stains on glass. Add bleach to hot water and allow your item to soak for approximately an hour.

Once time is passed, remove your glass from the bleach and water solution. Rinse thoroughly and wash as usual. You will find that the stain is removed or much easier to scrub away at this point.

Vinegar is another widely known option for cleaning chemicals and is preferred for those who want a chemical cleaner with a more natural composition.

The acetic acid in vinegar is what helps it slice through stains and grime. You can pour vinegar directly into your glassware or you can soak the glassware in a vinegar and hot water mixture for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide can be found at any local drugstore. A 3% solution can be used to remove stains from any glass surface.

Simply apply to the surface and allow it to sit for around 30 minutes. Then wipe the hydrogen peroxide away and rinse off your glass. It should be free from stains and sparkling clean.

While you’re at the drugstore, you may want to also purchase some denture cleaning tablets. The tablets harness the cleaning power of sodium bicarbonate without having to scrub your glasses.

Simply plop a few tablets into a vat of water and allow your glassware to soak in the fizzy solution.

An additional way that you can harness the power of baking soda without any scrubbing effort on your part is with antacids. Using antacids, you can follow the same procedure as the denture cleaning tablets.

Glass stovetop cleaners containing oxalic acid can also be used to clean your glass tea supplies. Spray or apply the cleanser as you typically would and scrub as necessary.

A thorough rinse with clean water is warranted once the stain has been eliminated.