How do you hold a Japanese teapot?

Pouring tea with the Japanese Teapot (kyusu) may take a little practice. You want to use your palm and the four fingers of your hand to hold the handle and your thumb, to hold the lid down securely. If necessary, you can use the index finger of your other hand to hold down the knob.

Hold the pot slightly higher than usual over the cup. By doing that, you will avoid dribbling the tea. Ideally, you should pour the tea in an arc at approximately a 45-degree angle. Using your wrist, make a gentle rocking motion back and forth as you pour the tea into the waiting cups, filling them about one-third the amount at a time. Move left to right then right to left while pouring the tea into the cups when using several cups. Do not rush. Repeat until every drop is decanted from the pot. This assures that the next infusion is clear and clean. Re-brew as desired but allow slightly longer brewing times.

Remove all the leaves and rinse the kyusu with hot water after each use. Allow to dry thoroughly, upside down if possible, and do not replace the lid until the pot is completely dry, especially the spout. Store in a well-ventilated area.

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