How do you pack a mug so they don't break?

When it comes to shipping mugs, the key is to ensure they arrive at their destination in one piece. Here are our top tips for packing mugs so they don't break:

1. Use a sturdy box: Start with a box that's slightly larger than the mug itself. Make sure the box is sturdy enough to protect the mug during transit.

2. Add cushioning: Place a layer of bubble wrap or crumpled paper at the bottom of the box. This will help cushion the mug and prevent it from moving around too much during shipping.

3. Wrap the mug: Wrap the mug in bubble wrap or several layers of paper. Make sure to cover the entire mug, including the handle, to provide extra protection.

4. Place the mug in the box: Gently place the wrapped mug in the box, making sure it's centered and not touching any of the sides.

5. Fill any gaps: If there are any gaps around the mug, fill them with more crumpled paper or bubble wrap. This will prevent the mug from shifting during transit.

6. Seal the box: Close the box and seal it with tape. Make sure the tape is secure and the box is well-sealed to prevent any accidents during shipping.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your mugs arrive at their destination safely and without any breakage. Happy shipping!

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