How do you use Tenmoku?

The newly acquired tenmokus are not as complicated as the opening of a teapot or the service of a teapot and a cup of tea. First of all, it is necessary to carefully check whether the precious cups have bumps or obvious flaws. Then, you can use toothpaste or detergent cleaning, and then rinse clean with water, and then soak in boiling water or tea for about half an hour or more.

Since Tenmokus will inevitably go through different hands from production to sale, in order to use it more safely, we think it would be better to boil it in boiling water for a few minutes. However, do not use steel wire ball, or polishing cloth with fine emery particles and other materials to rub, so it is easy to damage the surface, leaving scratches, will leave permanent damage to the treasure. The maintenance tenet of Jianzhan is to take care of it carefully and hold it moderately. At the same time, we must pay attention to the following points in daily use:

1. Usually, after drinking the last cup of tea every day, wash it with boiling water to remove the tea scale attached to the glaze, and then place the cup naturally and ventilate it. Special tea cloth can also be wiped clean. Every three or two days, but also four or five days, a comprehensive cleaning (cleaning cloth or toothpaste cleaning).

2. Do not leave tea water in the cup overnight, or deliberately do not clean the cup, so as to raise the effect faster. There are a lot of tea dirt in the inner wall of these small cups. Although the Angle is transformed below the sun, it can be seen similar to "colorful" appearance, but little imagine, this is a great harm to the construction of small cups. Accumulate over a long period of time like this, it will make the glaze more dry, gloomy, and the crystal is gradually dim. 

3. If the environment is damp and humid, the cups should be cleaned and placed in a ventilated and easy to dry place, or dried with a soft tea cloth, and properly stored until completely dry.

4. It is an important part of keeping good cups to have rest time.

5. I hope you will not be too eager to raise "colorful treasure light". After all, it is not because of this that we fall in love with Jianzhan. We should enjoy the tea in the cup and the process of getting along with the cup, which is the greatest pleasure of tea people.

The new light tends to be "quiet", with a lot of "anger" and "rustic". However, with the passage of time, Jianzhan will have enough time to contact with the tea soup to make it warm and energetic. If "nursed" in the right way, not only can we raise the colorful treasure light that we dream of, but also can give people the illusion that this is no longer a dead object, but a vibrant friend.

No matter how good and expensive a cup is, the first is its practical function and the second is its ornamental value. If it can't be used, the good cup is just a decoration, which will make the cup lose its real meaning. As long as it is authentic and the maintenance method is correct, it will have practical effect and collection value.