How many cups are in a Japanese tea set?

When it comes to Japanese tea sets, the number of cups can vary depending on the style and intended use of the set. Typically, a traditional Japanese tea set will include at least one tea pot, or "teapot," and several tea cups, known as "chawan."

The most common type of Japanese tea set is the "kyusu" and "chawan" set, which includes a teapot and anywhere from one to five tea cups. This style of set is ideal for small gatherings or personal use, allowing for intimate tea ceremonies with close friends or family.

For larger gatherings or more formal occasions, a more extensive tea set may be used. These sets can include up to seven or even nine tea cups, as well as additional pieces such as a water heater, tea caddy, and waste water receiver.

It's important to note that Japanese tea ceremonies often involve multiple infusions of the same tea leaves, with each infusion having a unique flavor profile. As a result, multiple cups are often used to fully experience the different nuances of the tea.

In conclusion, the number of cups in a Japanese tea set can range from one to nine or even more, depending on the specific set and the occasion for which it is being used.

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