How to enter a friends teapot genshin?

Entering a friend's Teapot in Genshin Impact is a unique feature that allows players to visit each other's in-game abodes and interact within a shared space. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to enter a friend's Teapot:

1. **Becoming Friends**: Before you can visit a friend's Teapot, you need to be friends with them in Genshin Impact. You can add friends through the game's social menu or by entering their UID.
2. **Reaching Adventure Rank 16**: Players must have an Adventure Rank of 16 or higher to unlock the Teapot feature. If you're not there yet, focus on completing quests and exploring the world to level up.
3. **Accessing the Teapot**: Once you've unlocked the Teapot, it can be accessed through the game's menu. Look for the "Teapot" icon and select it to enter your own Teapot realm.
4. **Visiting a Friend's Teapot**: To visit a friend's Teapot, you first need to ensure they are online and have their Teapot open for visits. From your own Teapot, select the "Visit" option and choose your friend from the list. A request will be sent to your friend, asking for permission to enter their Teapot.
5. **Accepting Visits**: If you're the one receiving a visit request, you'll get a notification in-game. You can choose to accept or decline the request. If you accept, your friend will be able to enter your Teapot realm.
6. **Interacting in the Teapot**: Once inside a friend's Teapot, players can explore, chat, and even help each other with various tasks and activities within the realm. This is a great way to socialize and collaborate with friends in Genshin Impact.
7. **Exiting the Teapot**: When you're ready to leave your friend's Teapot, simply use the exit option from the menu or find the exit portal within the realm. You'll be taken back to your own Teapot or the last location you were in before entering the Teapot.

Remember, visiting a friend's Teapot is a two-way street, so make sure to coordinate with your friends and respect each other's space and privacy within the game.

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