How to exit teapot genshin?

Exiting the Teapot in Genshin Impact can be a bit tricky for those who are new to the game or haven't explored its various features. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate out of the Teapot seamlessly:

1. **Accessing the Menu** - First, open your game menu. This can usually be done by pressing the "Esc" key on your keyboard or the equivalent button on your controller.
2. **Map Screen** - From the menu, navigate to the map screen. This is where you can see your current location and all the different areas and landmarks in Genshin Impact.
3. **Locating Yourself** - On the map, locate the icon that represents your current position. In the Teapot, this icon will be within the bounds of the Teapot's location.
4. **Exiting the Teapot** - Once you have located yourself on the map, simply click or tap on any point outside the Teapot's boundaries. This will initiate the process of exiting the Teapot.
5. **Confirming Exit** - After selecting a point outside the Teapot, a prompt will appear asking you to confirm if you wish to exit the Teapot. Confirm your choice, and your character will be teleported to the selected location.
6. **Returning to the World** - After exiting the Teapot, you will find yourself back in the open world of Genshin Impact, free to explore and embark on new adventures.

Remember, exiting the Teapot doesn't mean you can't come back. The Teapot is a permanent feature of your game, and you can always return to it whenever you like by accessing it from your inventory or map. So, feel free to explore the open world and don't hesitate to take a break in your cozy Teapot whenever you need a moment of respite.

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