How to expand your teapot genshin?

Expanding your teapot in Genshin Impact involves a few key steps that require some time and dedication. Here's a guide to help you grow your teapot and make the most of this feature in the game.

1. **Understand the Basics**

Before you start, it's important to understand the fundamentals of the teapot system. Your teapot is a personal space where you can place furniture, grow plants, and even cook. It has its own currency, known as Realm Currency, which you can earn by completing tasks within the teapot.

2. **Increase Your Teapot's Level**

To unlock more features and expand the size of your teapot, you need to increase its level. This is done by gathering Adenium, a special resource found in the overworld. Once you have Adenium, you can use it to upgrade your teapot, which in turn increases its level and unlocks new areas and features.

3. **Gather Resources**

In addition to Adenium, you'll also need various other resources to upgrade your teapot and craft furniture. These resources can be found in the overworld or purchased from in-game shops. Make sure to keep an eye out for these resources as you explore the game world.

4. **Craft and Place Furniture**

Furniture not only adds aesthetic value to your teapot but also provides practical benefits like increasing the production of certain resources. You can craft furniture using the resources you gather and then place them in your teapot to create a cozy and functional space.

5. **Complete Tasks and Challenges**

The teapot system offers various tasks and challenges that reward you with Realm Currency and other useful items. Completing these tasks not only helps you earn rewards but also contributes to increasing your teapot's level.

By following these steps and dedicating some time to your teapot, you'll be able to expand it and make it a truly personal and enjoyable space in Genshin Impact.

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