How to get fish pond genshin teapot?

**Getting the Fish Pond in Genshin Impact's Teapot: A Step-by-Step Guide**

Genshin Impact's Teapot feature, known as the Serenitea Pot, offers players a relaxing retreat from the main game's adventures. This personalized space allows you to build and decorate your own little corner of Teyvat. One popular addition to any Teapot is the Fish Pond, which not only looks aesthetic but also serves a functional purpose. Here's how you can get your own Fish Pond in the Serenitea Pot:


* Ensure you have unlocked the Serenitea Pot feature. This is typically done by progressing through the main storyline until you reach a certain point.
* Have a decent amount of in-game currency, as purchasing the Fish Pond and its upgrades can be costly.

**Steps to Get the Fish Pond:**

1. **Access the Serenitea Pot:** Open your menu and select the Serenitea Pot icon. This will take you to your personalized Teapot space.
2. **Visit Tubby:** Look for Tubby, the Teapot's resident shopkeeper. He will have a range of items for sale, including the Fish Pond.
3. **Purchase the Fish Pond:** Interact with Tubby and browse through his wares until you find the Fish Pond. Select it and confirm your purchase. The cost of the Fish Pond can vary depending on your game progress and other factors.
4. **Place the Fish Pond:** After purchasing, the Fish Pond will be added to your inventory. Go to your Teapot's open space and select the "Place" option to position the Fish Pond where you want it.
5. **Stocking Your Pond:** Once your Fish Pond is set up, you can start adding fish to it. These fish can be caught using a Fishing Rod in any of Genshin Impact's bodies of water. Different types of fish might require different bait or specific conditions to be caught.
6. **Maintaining Your Pond:** Over time, your fish might reproduce, increasing the population in your pond. Make sure to regularly feed them and maintain optimal pond conditions to keep them healthy and happy.

By following these steps, you'll soon have a bustling Fish Pond in your Serenitea Pot, adding a new layer of depth and relaxation to your Genshin Impact experience.

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