How to get gifts in teapot genshin?

In the popular game Genshin Impact, players can explore a vast open world filled with adventures, quests, and rewards. One such reward that many players seek is the precious gifts available in the Teapot realm. Here's a guide on how to get gifts in the Teapot realm in Genshin Impact:

**1. Unlock the Teapot Realm**

Before you can start collecting gifts in the Teapot realm, you first need to unlock it. This is done by progressing through the game's main storyline until you reach a certain point where the Teapot realm is introduced.

**2. Gather Materials**

In the Teapot realm, you'll need to gather various materials to craft furniture and decorations for your teapot. These materials can be found by exploring the open world, completing quests, and defeating enemies.

**3. Craft Furniture and Decorations**

With the materials you've gathered, you can start crafting furniture and decorations for your teapot. These items not only add to the aesthetics of your teapot but also increase its comfort level, which is essential for attracting guests and receiving gifts.

**4. Attract Guests**

To receive gifts in the Teapot realm, you need to attract guests to your teapot. This is done by increasing the comfort level of your teapot and placing furniture and decorations that guests find appealing. As your teapot becomes more inviting, guests will start visiting and leaving gifts for you.

**5. Collect Gifts**

Once guests start visiting your teapot, you can collect the gifts they leave. These gifts can range from simple items to rare and valuable resources that can be used in crafting and upgrading weapons and armor.

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to receiving precious gifts in the Teapot realm in Genshin Impact. Remember to keep exploring, crafting, and improving your teapot to attract more guests and receive even better gifts!

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