How to get into teapot genshin?

Teapot in Genshin Impact is a special realm within the game where players can build their own unique teahouses, gardens, and even invite characters to stay. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to access and make the most of the Teapot feature in Genshin Impact.

**Unlocking the Teapot**

1. **Adventure Rank Requirement**: Ensure that you have reached Adventure Rank 35. This is the minimum rank required to unlock the Teapot feature.
2. **Completing Archon Quests**: Before gaining access to the Teapot, you need to have completed the Archon Quest "Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom."
3. **Receiving the Teapot**: After fulfilling the above requirements, speak with Madame Ping in Liyue Harbor. She will gift you the "Teapot of Eons," which is essentially a portable realm where you can create your own little world.

**Entering the Teapot Realm**

1. **Using the Teapot Gadget**: Once you have obtained the Teapot, it will appear in your Gadget slot. Select it from your inventory to place it in the world.
2. **Interacting with the Teapot**: Approach the placed Teapot and interact with it. This will open up a menu allowing you to enter the realm within.
3. **Exploring the Realm**: Inside the Teapot, you'll find a blank canvas where you can build and decorate as you wish. The realm is divided into indoor and outdoor areas, both of which can be customized extensively.

**Customizing Your Teapot Realm**

1. **Gathering Materials**: To decorate your realm, you'll need various materials which can be obtained through various means in the game, such as completing quests or purchasing them from specific vendors.
2. **Crafting Furniture and Decorations**: Using these materials, you can craft a wide array of furniture, decorations, and even buildings to place in your realm. The crafting options are vast, allowing for a high degree of personalization.
3. **Inviting Characters**: As you progress in Genshin Impact, you can invite characters to stay in your Teapot realm. This not only adds to the liveliness of your little world but also unlocks special interactions and dialogues with these characters.

The Teapot feature in Genshin Impact is a wonderful addition for players who enjoy building and customizing their own spaces. It provides a relaxing break from the main game's adventures while also adding an extra layer of depth and interactivity to the overall experience.

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