How to get primos from teapot?

**How to Get Primos from the Teapot in "Genshin Impact"**

The Teapot, a unique domain introduced in the game "Genshin Impact," offers players a tranquil retreat from the adventures of Teyvat. However, this serene space also holds the promise of rewards for those who know how to unlock its secrets. One such reward is the elusive Primogems, which are crucial for wishes and unlocking new characters. Here's how you can get Primogems from your Teapot:

**1. Increasing the Trust Rank of Your Teapot**

As you interact with your Teapot and complete various tasks, its Trust Rank will increase. Reaching certain Trust Rank milestones will reward you with Primogems. To raise the Trust Rank, focus on:

* Placing furniture and decorating your Teapot.
* Inviting characters to stay in your Teapot.
* Completing the daily commissions provided by Tubby, the Teapot's spirit.

**2. Achievements and Quests**

The Teapot has a series of achievements and quests that, when completed, will grant you Primogems. These can range from simple tasks like planting a certain number of flowers to more complex ones like creating a specific garden layout. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and complete them to earn rewards.

**3. Events and Special Occasions**

Occasionally, the game may hold events or special occasions where interacting with your Teapot can earn you Primogems. These events might require you to craft specific items or participate in Teapot-related challenges. Stay tuned for such events and take part to increase your Primogem count.

Remember, the key to earning Primogems from your Teapot is patience and dedication. As you nurture your Teapot and complete tasks, the rewards will come. So, take your time, enjoy the process of decorating and caring for your space, and soon, you'll find yourself with a pocketful of Primogems ready to be spent on your next wish.

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