How to get your teapot in genshin impact?

In the vast open-world of Genshin Impact, the Teapot is a unique and tranquil sanctuary where players can build their own personal space and unwind. Obtaining this Teapot, known as the "Serenitea Pot," is a highly anticipated milestone for many players. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get your own Teapot in Genshin Impact:


Before you can acquire the Serenitea Pot, there are a few prerequisites you need to fulfill:

1. **Adventure Rank**: You must have an Adventure Rank of at least 10.
2. **Completed Quests**: Complete the "A New Star Approaches" Archon Quest.
3. **Reputation Level**: Achieve a Mondstadt Reputation Level of at least 3.

**Starting the "A Teapot to Call Home" Quest**

Once you have met the prerequisites, head to Mondstadt and look for the Adventurer's Guild. Speak to the receptionist, Katheryne, to inquire about housing. She will direct you to Madame Ping, located northeast of Mondstadt near the Stone Gate.

**Finding Madame Ping**

Madame Ping can be found at her teahouse, which is perched on a cliff overlooking the beautiful Mondstadt valley. Approach her and engage in conversation to learn more about the Serenitea Pot.

**Obtaining the Serenitea Pot**

After speaking with Madame Ping, she will offer you the Serenitea Pot. Accept her offer, and the Teapot will be added to your inventory. This marks the beginning of your journey as a Teapot Spirit Companion!

**Using the Serenitea Pot**

The Serenitea Pot allows you to enter a pocket dimension where you can build and furnish your own personal space. To access it, simply open your inventory, select the Serenitea Pot, and choose to "Place." This will create a portal that you can enter to begin building your dream home.

Remember, furnishing and upgrading your Teapot requires various materials and resources, so be sure to explore Genshin Impact's world and complete quests to gather what you need. Happy decorating!

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