How to invite to teapot genshin?

Inviting Friends to Teapot in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Teapot feature offers players a unique way to interact with their friends and showcase their creativity. The Teapot is a customizable realm where you can design your own spaces, grow plants, and even craft furniture. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to invite your friends to your Teapot in Genshin Impact:

**Accessing the Teapot**

1. First, you need to unlock the Teapot feature. This is typically done by progressing through the game's main storyline until you reach a certain point where the feature becomes available.
2. Once unlocked, you can access the Teapot by opening your menu and selecting the "Teapot" option. This will take you to your personal realm.

**Inviting Friends**

1. Inside your Teapot, open your menu and select the "Visit" option. This will bring up a list of your friends who also have access to the Teapot feature.
2. Select the friend you want to invite and click on their name. This will send them an invitation to visit your Teapot.
3. Your friend will receive a notification of your invitation. They can accept the invitation by opening their menu, selecting the "Visits" option, and then choosing your Teapot from the list of available realms.

**Things to Keep in Mind**

* Ensure that both you and your friend have access to the Teapot feature. If either of you hasn't unlocked it yet, you won't be able to invite or visit each other's realms.
* The Teapot feature may not be available during certain maintenance periods or updates. Check the game's official social media channels or forums for any announcements regarding downtime or updates.
* When visiting a friend's Teapot, remember to respect their creations and not destroy any of their furniture or plants. This is a shared space, so it's important to be considerate of others.

By following these steps, you and your friends can enjoy each other's company in the cozy confines of your personalized Teapots in Genshin Impact.

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