How to join friends teapot genshin?

Joining Friends in Teapot in Genshin Impact

The much-awaited housing system in Genshin Impact, known as the Teapot of the Realms, has finally arrived. This feature allows players to build and customize their own private worlds. But one of the best parts of this update is the ability to invite friends to your teapot. Here's how you can join your friends in their teapots and vice versa:

1. **Accessing the Teapot**: First, ensure that you have unlocked and accessed your own teapot. This is a prerequisite for visiting others.
2. **Friend List**: Open your in-game menu and navigate to the friend list. Find the friend whose teapot you wish to visit.
3. **Invite or Join**: There are two ways to interact with a friend's teapot. You can either send them an invite to your teapot or request to join their teapot.

* **Invite**: If you want to be the host, select the 'Invite to Teapot' option from your friend's profile. They will receive a notification and can accept or decline your invitation.
* **Join**: If you wish to visit a friend's teapot, select the 'Join Teapot' option from their profile. Again, they will be notified of your request and can choose to accept or decline.
4. **Accepted Requests**: Once your request is accepted, you will be teleported directly to your friend's teapot realm. Here, you can explore their creation, interact with objects, and even help them with their realm's development.
5. **Exiting the Teapot**: When you're ready to leave, simply use the exit option from the menu. This will take you back to your own teapot or the main game world.
6. **Troubleshooting**: If you encounter any issues with joining or inviting friends, ensure that both players have completed the necessary quests to unlock the teapot feature and are online at the same time.

Remember, visiting a friend's teapot is not only a great way to socialize and have fun but also an opportunity to get inspired for your own realm design. So, don't hesitate to explore and connect with your Genshin Impact community through this unique housing system!

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