How to join someone else's teapot genshin?

Joining someone else's Teapot in Genshin Impact is a unique and social aspect of the game that allows players to visit and interact with each other's in-game abodes. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. **Becoming Friends**: The first step is to ensure that you and the person whose Teapot you wish to visit are friends in the game. You can send a friend request by searching for their in-game name or UID.
2. **Reaching Adventure Rank 16**: Both you and the host must have reached Adventure Rank 16 or higher to unlock the Teapot feature.
3. **Accessing the Teapot**: Once you're friends and have the required Adventure Rank, the host needs to open their Teapot and invite you over. They can do this by going to their Teapot, opening the menu, and selecting the "Invite Guests" option.
4. **Accepting the Invitation**: You will receive a notification of the invitation on your screen. Click on it to be taken directly to your friend's Teapot.
5. **Exploring the Teapot**: Once inside, you can explore the host's Teapot, admire their design, and even interact with certain objects. Some Teapots may have mini-games or special areas to enjoy.
6. **Leaving the Teapot**: When you're ready to leave, simply open the menu and select the "Leave" option. You'll be taken back to your own world.
7. **Troubleshooting**: If you encounter any issues joining a friend's Teapot, ensure that both players have a stable internet connection and have updated their game to the latest version.

Remember, visiting someone else's Teapot is not only a chance to explore but also an opportunity to socialize and connect with other players in the Genshin Impact community. So, grab a cup of tea (or coffee), relax, and enjoy this unique gaming experience!

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