How to join teapot?

Joining a teapot, also known as teapot sealing, is an essential step in the appreciation and use of teapots. It ensures that the teapot maintains its original flavor and aroma while preventing leakage. Here are some steps to help you join a teapot:

1. Clean the Teapot: Before joining, thoroughly clean the teapot with clean water to remove any dust or impurities. Make sure the teapot is completely dry before proceeding.

2. Prepare the Sealing Material: You can use various materials to seal a teapot, such as tea leaves, rice, or paper. Choose a material that is suitable for your teapot and the type of tea you plan to use.

3. Apply the Sealing Material: Evenly spread the chosen sealing material inside the teapot, making sure to cover the entire bottom and sides. Gently tap the teapot to settle the material and create a tight seal.

4. Boil Water and Pour into the Teapot: Boil some water and pour it into the teapot until it is about three-quarters full. This will help the sealing material expand and fill any gaps, creating a tighter seal.

5. Cover and Let Sit: Place the cover on the teapot and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This allows the sealing material to fully expand and adhere to the inner surface of the teapot.

6. Empty and Dry the Teapot: After 10 minutes, carefully pour out the water and sealing material. Rinse the teapot with clean water to remove any residual material. Thoroughly dry the teapot with a clean cloth.

7. Test the Seal: Once dry, pour some water into the teapot and check for any leakage. If the seal is tight, you should not see any water leaking from the teapot.

By following these steps, you can successfully join a teapot and enjoy your favorite tea without any leakage or loss of flavor. Remember to handle the teapot gently during the process to avoid damaging it.

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