How to join teapot genshin co-op?

**Joining the Teapot Co-op in Genshin Impact**

Genshin Impact, the popular open-world adventure game, has introduced a unique feature: the Teapot Co-op. This social mechanic allows players to jointly design and furnish a shared teapot realm, enhancing the game's community aspect. Here's how you can join and make the most of this co-op experience.


Before diving into the Teapot Co-op, ensure you've unlocked the Teapot Realm feature. This typically requires players to reach a certain Adventure Rank. Completing the introductory quest line for the Teapot Realm is also necessary.

**Inviting Friends**

Once your Teapot Realm is ready, you can start inviting friends to join your co-op session. Here's how:

1. **Open the Teapot Realm Interface**: This can be done by interacting with the Teapot spirit in your realm or through the game menu.
2. **Select Co-op Options**: Look for options related to co-operative play. This might be labeled as "Invite Friends" or similar.
3. **Choose Your Friends**: From the list of online friends, select the players you want to invite. You can also set permissions to allow anyone to join or require approval.
4. **Send Invites**: After selecting your desired friends, send out the invitations.

**Joining a Friend's Teapot Realm**

If you've been invited to a friend's Teapot Realm or want to join one spontaneously, follow these steps:

1. **Check Your Invites**: Ensure you've received an invite from a friend. These are typically found in your game's social menu or inbox.
2. **Accept the Invite**: Once located, accept the invitation to join your friend's Teapot Realm.
3. **Enter the Realm**: After accepting, you'll be prompted to enter the realm. Here, you can explore, interact, and help furnish the shared space.

**Collaborating in the Teapot Co-op**

In the shared Teapot Realm, players can work together to design and decorate the space. This might involve planting flowers, arranging furniture, or constructing buildings. Collaboration is key, so communicate with your friends to create a harmonious environment.

The Teapot Co-op is a fantastic way to connect with fellow Genshin Impact players and make the game's housing system more engaging. By following these steps, you and your friends can enjoy this unique social feature to the fullest.

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