How to use a teapot on the stove?

When it comes to brewing tea, nothing beats the flavor and aroma of tea made in a teapot on the stove. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the perfect cup of tea using a stovetop teapot:

1. **Choose the Right Teapot**: Select a teapot that’s suitable for stovetop use. Ideally, it should be made of a material that can withstand direct heat, such as cast iron, stainless steel, or ceramic. Avoid using glass or plastic teapots on the stove.
2. **Prepare the Teapot**: Before using the teapot, make sure it’s clean and dry. If it’s a new teapot, you may want to “season” it by boiling water in it for a few minutes to remove any impurities or odors.
3. **Add Water**: Fill the teapot with fresh, cold water. The amount of water you add will depend on how many cups of tea you want to make. Generally, it’s best to leave some room at the top of the teapot to allow for boiling.
4. **Place on the Stove**: Place the teapot on a burner that’s smaller than the base of the teapot. This will help distribute the heat evenly and prevent the teapot from cracking or breaking. Turn the burner to medium-high heat.
5. **Bring to a Boil**: Allow the water to come to a rolling boil. Once it starts boiling, you can turn down the heat slightly to maintain a gentle boil.
6. **Add Tea**: While the water is boiling, measure out the desired amount of tea leaves or tea bags and add them to the teapot. Gently swirl the teapot to help the tea leaves unfurl and release their flavor.
7. **Steep**: Let the tea steep for the recommended amount of time, which can vary depending on the type of tea you’re using. Generally, green and white teas need less steeping time (about 2-3 minutes), while black and oolong teas may need more (up to 5 minutes).
8. **Pour and Enjoy**: Once the tea has steeped, turn off the heat and carefully pour the tea into cups or mugs using the teapot’s spout. Be careful not to overfill the cups, as the hot tea can splash and burn. Enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of tea!

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