Is tea better in a tea cup?

The right cup can retain the aroma and taste of the tea, definitely make your tea taste better. Choose cups of different materials for different teas. One of the basic principles of tea cup selection is to match and coordinate with tea leaves, and pay attention to the contrast between the color of tea set and tea leaves.
Green tea: Transparent glass should be used, colorless, flower-free and lidless, or white porcelain, celadon, blue and white porcelain lidless cup.
Black tea: POTS, cups and bowls covered with white glazed purple sand, white porcelain, red glazed porcelain and warm color porcelain.
Yellow tea: Milk white or yellow glaze porcelain and yellow orange pot cup, cover bowl, cover cup. White tea: white porcelain or yellow clay stoneware cups and colored black porcelain inside.
Oolong tea (green tea) : Purple sand pot cup, or white porcelain pot cup, bowl cover, cup cover is preferred.
Dark tea: Especially for Pu 'er tea, it is advisable to use medium-grade thick clay teapot, transparent glass tea sea, white glaze purple sand cup or porcelain cup with pickles color.
Reprocessing tea: flower tea can be celadon, blue and white porcelain and other cover bowls, cover cups; Modelling scented tea can be used straight tube deep wall transparent glass.

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