What is a ceramic teapot?

Ceramic teapot, made of porcelain clay, purple clay and other raw materials fired from the tea brewing special utensils. In addition to the ceramic teapot, there are ceramic cover bowl, ceramic cup, ceramic tea tray, ceramic saucer, ceramic tea washing, etc.

There are many varieties of ceramic tea sets, which can be divided into two kinds according to the material: porcelain tea sets and pottery tea sets. Among them, porcelain tea sets mainly include celadon tea sets, white porcelain tea sets, black porcelain tea sets and colorful porcelain tea sets. An important expression of the way of drinking tea is to attach great importance to the art of ceramic tea sets. A set of exquisite tea sets match the famous tea with excellent color, aroma and taste, which brings out the best in each other. With the prosperity of tea drinking and the evolution of tea drinking customs in various times, tea sets have more and more varieties and finer texture.

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