What is a Japanese mug called?

A Japanese mug, known as a "yunomi," is a traditional style of ceramic cup that is commonly used for enjoying green tea. These mugs are typically smaller in size compared to regular mugs, holding approximately 6 to 9 ounces of liquid, and are characterized by their simple, yet elegant design.

Yunomi mugs are usually cylindrical in shape, with a narrow mouth and a wider base, making them easy to grip and handle while drinking. They often feature a subtle glaze or matte finish that adds to their understated aesthetic.

These mugs are not just functional but also deeply tied to Japanese tea culture. They are designed to enhance the drinking experience by allowing the tea's aroma and flavor to fully unfold. The smaller size of the yunomi encourages slow sipping, which is believed to help appreciate the tea's nuances better.

Moreover, the use of yunomi reflects a Japanese philosophy of mindful living. It encourages taking a pause from daily routines to savor the simple pleasures of life, like enjoying a cup of tea.

Whether you're a tea enthusiast or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, adding a yunomi to your tea set is a great way to immerse yourself in Japanese tea culture.

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