What is a tea needle?

Tea needle, also known as "tea tong", is one of the Chinese tea sets. It is also a member of the big family of tea sets, and is indispensable in the modern "tea ceremony group". It is generally made of wood and horny materials. Includes: teaspoon, tea needle, tea holder, tea, tea sea. In addition, the habit of drinking Pu 'er tea is to pry the tea knife in the tea bucket. Teaspoon, tea needle, tea holder, tea zit, tea sea, together with the tea canister, the six utensils are also known as the six gentlemen of tea ceremony.

Function 1:
The purpose of the tea needle is to unclog the inside of the teapot (honeycomb) to keep the water flowing when the spout of the teapot is blocked by tea leaves, or to unclog the tea leaves after they are put in, with the broken tea on the bottom and the whole tea on the top.

Function 2:

Due to the rise of pu 'er tea fever in recent years, and the diversified development of metal tea needles, people drink Pu 'er tea when the metal tea needles used as tea cones.

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