What is included in a Chinese tea set?

A Chinese tea set typically includes a variety of essential tea ware items that are used in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, also known as "gongfu cha". Here is a list of the main components:

1. **Teapot (Chahu)**: This is the central piece of the set and is used for steeping the tea. It usually has a small spout and a handle for easy pouring.
2. **Tea Cups (Chabei)**: These small, handle-less cups are used to serve and drink the tea. They are often very delicate and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
3. **Pitcher (Shui Ping)**: A large container used for boiling and pouring water. It is often made of glass or a transparent material to allow for easy monitoring of the water temperature.
4. **Fair Cup (Gongdao Bei)**: This cup is used to ensure an even distribution of tea among the guests. The tea is first poured into this cup and then into the individual tea cups.
5. **Tea Tray (Chapan)**: A tray that holds the teapot and cups, catching any spilled water or tea.
6. **Tea Holder (Chacang)**: A small container that holds the dry tea leaves before they are placed in the teapot.
7. **Tea Scoop (Chasha)**: A small spoon-like tool used to measure and place the tea leaves into the teapot.
8. **Tea Towel (Chajin)**: A cloth used to dry the teapot and cups, as well as to handle hot tea ware without burning oneself.
9. **Tea宠 (Chazhong)**: A small, often whimsical figurine that is part of the tea set and is believed to bring good luck and positive energy to the tea ceremony.

Each of these items is carefully chosen to enhance the overall experience of enjoying a cup of tea, making it not just a beverage but a cultural experience.

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