What is purple clay?

Purple Clay is a kind of ceramic product between pottery and porcelain. It is characterized by dense structure, close to porcelain, high strength, small particles, and conshell or stone fracture, but it does not have the opacity of porcelain.


The viviparous quality of Yixing purple ware has this characteristic, and the surface of the ware is smooth and smooth, with small granular changes, showing a sandy effect. Purple mud has a variety of color, commonly known as "colored soil, removing the main of the" five colours "zhu, purple clay mud, mud, dark green mud, mud, ink with white mud, mud, yellow, loose flower mud all sorts of color, such as purple not hanging glaze, but make full use of the mud nature, color jade after firing, quaint and lovely, purple face also have inferior smooth effect, can reduce the reflection of light, It can also clearly show the vivid effect of the shape, decoration and natural color of the utensils.

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