What is raw ore purple sand?

Raw ore: ore that has been mined without beneficiation or other processing.
Purple sand: also called purple sand mud, elegant known as "rich soil", for the production of purple sand pot (ware) the main raw material.
Raw ore purple sand: just mined out has not processed the original purple sand ore.

Purple clay ore is mainly composed of quartz, clay, water of mica and hematite, its make violet arenaceous products mud plasticity, high green strength, drying and firing shrinkage rate and good process performance to become the world famous ceramic purple clay mineral clay, this mountain green mud and red mud by the purple soil of three basic mud composition, generally referred to as the violet arenaceous mud and reputation colored soil rich soil earth bead jade concludes, The precious purple sand mineral soil is produced in Huanglongshan, Dingshu Town, Yixing, near the West Fragrant Hills of Renshu and the area of Fudong. It is crystalline, less glass phase, and has high strength, thermal shock resistance and air permeability.