What is the proper etiquette for holding a tea cup?

1 Place your thumb and forefinger between the handle.
Pinch your thumb and forefinger together as they meet near the top of the teacup's handle. Avoid hooking your forefinger under the handle since you'll use other fingers to support the weight of the cup.
Since Chinese teacups generally don't have handles, wrap your hand around the teacup and support the bottom of the cup with your other hand.
2 Support the bottom of the handle with your middle finger.
Prop your middle finger under the bottom of the handle, so it carries the weight of the teacup. Your thumb and forefinger should still be positioned near the top of the handle.
At this point, the teacup should still be on its saucer.
3 Keep your ring and pinky fingers tucked in.
Although you've probably seen people extend their pinky fingers while drinking tea, it's actually considered rude. Instead of sticking the pinky finger out, keep it curled in along with your ring finger.
Did You Know? It used to be thought that well-bred people ate daintily with just 3 fingers and that common people grasped food with all fingers. This gave way to the outdated idea that sticking your pinky finger out showed you were cultured.
4 Hold the saucer in your other hand if you're not sitting at a table.
If you're taking tea at a function where everyone is standing, keep the teacup on a saucer that you hold with your non-dominant hand. Keep the saucer slightly above waist level and lift the teacup up towards your mouth when you're ready to drink.
Avoid bending over and down to sip the tea while it's still on the saucer.
If you're having tea at a table, leave the saucer on the table so it's directly in front of you. Then pick up the teacup when you'd like to sip and set it back down on the saucer quietly.