What is the top of a teapot called?

The top of a teapot is typically referred to as the "lid" or "cover." This piece fits snugly on the top of the teapot to keep the tea inside hot and to prevent it from spilling out. The lid also helps to retain the aroma of the tea, allowing for a more enjoyable brewing and drinking experience.

Lids can vary in shape and size depending on the style of the teapot. Some lids are domed, while others are flat. They may have a knob or handle on the top to make it easier to grasp and remove, or they may be completely smooth. The material of the lid often matches the material of the teapot, whether it's ceramic, glass, porcelain, or another type of material.

When brewing tea, it's important to place the lid on the teapot properly to ensure that it fits tightly. This helps to maintain the temperature of the tea and keeps it from cooling down too quickly. After pouring the tea, the lid can be left off to allow the tea to cool or can be replaced to keep the tea warm until it's ready to be enjoyed.

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