What teapots keep tea hotter?

The heat preservation effect of purple clay pot is better:
1) Make tea in a purple sand pot with a strong and lasting aroma. The mouth of purple sand pot is small, the lid is tight, and the inner wall of the pot is rough, which can effectively prevent the aroma from being lost prematurely. The purple clay teapot that has been used for a long time has a layer of brownish red tea rust hanging on the inner wall. The longer it is used, the more rust accumulated on the inner wall. Therefore, the more alcohol is added to the tea soup after tea brewing. The purple clay teapot that has been used for a long time will still smell attractive even if it is only filled with boiling water instead of tea, which cannot be done by ordinary tea sets.

(2) the purple clay teapot is not glazed inside and outside, keeping small pores, good air permeability, but impermeable to water, and has strong adsorption, which is incomparable to the general teapot. It can keep the aromatic oil volatilized in tea leaves, improve the late acidity of tea soup, and play the role of convergence and sterilization. Therefore, it can delay the mildew of tea to become sour. The so-called "the more hot it is, the more sour it is" is the truth here 

(3) The teapot makes tea for a long time of heat preservation. Because there are many small bubbles inside the kettle wall, the bubbles are filled with stagnant air, and the air is a bad conductor of heat, so the teapot has good insulation performance 

(4) make tea with a purple sand pot, and hold the hand that is not easy to burn. The linear expansion coefficient of purple sand pot is slightly higher than that of porcelain pot, and there is no glaze, there is no problem of glaze stress; After burning into the purple sand pot, glass is very few, enough to overcome the cold and hot temperature difference produced by the sudden change ability, it has slow heat transfer.

The purple clay teapot has excellent ability to adapt to the sudden change of heat and cold. It will not burst even after being cooked in the high temperature of Upper Baidu and quickly thrown into the sub-zero snow and ice. Therefore, make tea with purple sand pot, carry and fondle hold is not easy to char hand; In the winter of winter, tea with boiling water is made without worrying about cracking, or even being stewed on a gentle fire.

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