Who plays teapot in beauty and the beast?

In the classic tale of "Beauty and the Beast," the teapot is brought to life by the enchantress's spell, much like the other objects in the castle. This character, known as Mrs. Potts, is voiced by the talented Angela Lansbury in the 1991 animated film adaptation produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Mrs. Potts is not just any ordinary teapot; she is a motherly figure and a source of comfort and wisdom to Belle, the film's protagonist. She cares deeply for Belle and is always there to offer a kind word or a comforting cup of tea. Her son, Chip, is also part of the enchanted castle, adding another layer of emotional depth to Mrs. Potts's character.

Angela Lansbury's voice acting brings a warmth and liveliness to the character that is hard to forget. She infuses Mrs. Potts with a gentle spirit and a playful wit, making her a favorite among fans of all ages. Her performance is a testament to the power of voice acting in bringing animated characters to life.

So, when you watch "Beauty and the Beast" and see the teapot come to life on screen, remember that it is Angela Lansbury's voice and talent that brings Mrs. Potts to life. She is not just a teapot, but a beloved character in her own right, thanks to Lansbury's unforgettable portrayal.

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