Why do Japanese tea cups not have handles?

In order to gather the aroma of tea, Chinese tea people often use small teapots to make tea. And with a series of etiquette of tea ceremony, the temperature of tea sharing is the most suitable for drinking, which is not hot, so there are many handles left.  Japanese tea cup is the inheritance of Chinese tea cup

European teacups originated from metal cups, generally made of silver or tin. The metal teacups have good thermal conductivity and are hot when drinking tea, so most of them have "handles" and double "handles".

In addition, there is a culture in which sugar is added to black tea, which requires stirring. When stirring, cups without handles tend to shake with spoons, which is very troublesome.

Foreigners had no choice but to design a fixed handle to solve the problem of hot tea, which has become a feature of western-style tea cups over time.

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