Why do you preheat a teapot?

Yes, if you want to drink a cup of good tea, the step of warming the cup and ironing the pot is really indispensable, for three reasons:

1, Face to face cleaning, show etiquette
If the purpose of warming the cup and ironing the pot is to clean the tea set, it cannot stand scrutiny. Since tea is clean, it is also necessary for the environment and utensils to be clean. Before the tea set is served to the tea table, it is also necessary to clean the tea set in advance.

Why do you need to clean it again?The act of warming the cup and ironing the pot is mainly a matter of etiquette. In front of the guest again with boiling water drench clean tea set, let the guest drink tea more comfortable, rest assured, is a kind of careful, intimate performance.

2, Remove peculiar smell, avoid water smell
The tea set was cleaned with cold water to remove the dust and stains on the surface, but the odor of the tea set still had to be dispersed by the temperature of boiling water. Pottery and purple clay tea sets, in particular, have lower density and higher porosity than porcelain tea sets, so they can easily absorb odors. If the tea set that has not been used for a period of time is stored improperly, it is easy to catch some turbidities. It is not enough to clean it with cold water.

Before making tea, take off the lid, pour boiling water over the teapot and pour away the water. Let the smell escape with the hot air. In addition, the surface of the tea set cleaned with normal temperature tap water usually remains a lot of water stains, easy to have the smell of tap water. Tea lovers with more sensitive senses may have noticed that if there is a residual water stain in the teapot or cup, they will feel it when drinking tea.

Therefore, rinsing tea sets with boiling water not only cleans the tea sets and removes the peculiar smell, but also makes the water stains on the tea set volatilize, keeps the tea set dry, and the tea taste will be purer.

3, Raise the temperature, but also maintain the temperature
If the tea is made directly in a cold teapot, the water temperature will drop quickly and the tea cannot reach the brewing temperature, so it is difficult to make the ideal tea taste. Drinking tea in a cold cup is also difficult to produce the best aroma. One of the main purposes of warming the cup and ironing the pot is to raise the temperature of the tea set.

Especially in the cold winter, the difference between hot pot and not hot pot is more obvious. It is especially important to warm the cup and iron the pot when brewing oolong tea. Warm teapot, put oolong tea, cover the lid gently shake, gently lift the lid close to smell, fragrant flowers and fruits. Tea with boiling water, aroma immediately four, high fragrance.

In addition to scalding the pot to raise the temperature before making tea, boiling water is often added to the pot during the brewing process to maintain the internal temperature. It can be seen that temperature, as one of the three elements of tea making, is particularly important. In addition to water temperature, the influence of tea set temperature on tea should also be considered.

Every movement in making tea must have its reason. Take the traditional Chaoshan gongfu tea for example, scraping the lid, phoenix three nods, Guan Gong patrolling the city, Han Xin pointing soldiers, these actions are not performance actions, further research, there are many truths.

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