How to invite characters to teapot genshin?

Inviting Characters to the Teapot in Genshin Impact

The serene world of Genshin Impact's Teapot realm offers players a unique and peaceful retreat from the adventures across Teyvat. This guide will walk you through the steps of inviting your favorite characters to this tranquil abode.


Before you can invite characters to your Teapot, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. **Teapot Unlocked**: Ensure that you have unlocked the Teapot feature by progressing through the game's main storyline.
2. **Character Friendship Level**: Each character has a Friendship Level that needs to be raised before they can be invited. Interacting with characters, going on adventures with them, and giving them gifts are great ways to increase their Friendship Level.
3. **Adequate Resources**: Prepare resources like Mora, Primogems, or specific items required for the invitation process.

**Invitation Process**

Once you have met the prerequisites, follow these steps to invite a character to your Teapot:

1. **Enter the Teapot Realm**: Access your Teapot from the game's menu and enter its serene realm.
2. **Interact with the Teapot Spirit**: Speak with Tubby, the Teapot Spirit, and select the option to invite a character.
3. **Choose a Character**: From the list of available characters, select the one you wish to invite. Remember, only characters who have reached a certain Friendship Level with you will be eligible for invitation.
4. **Confirm Invitation**: After selecting a character, confirm your choice by expending the required resources.
5. **Wait for the Character to Arrive**: Once the invitation is sent, the character will arrive in your Teapot after a short while. You can then find them inside, ready to interact and spend time with you in your personal realm.

**Benefits of Inviting Characters**

Inviting characters to your Teapot not only adds a personal touch to your realm but also provides various benefits:

* **Increased Interactivity**: Invited characters can engage in conversations, offer advice, and share stories, adding depth to your Teapot experience.
* **Exclusive Dialogues and Events**: Certain characters may unlock unique dialogues or events when invited, providing more insights into their backstories and personalities.
* **Boosted Friendship Level**: Spending time with characters in your Teapot can further increase their Friendship Level, strengthening your bond and unlocking new rewards and interactions.

Make your Teapot realm a lively and warm gathering place by inviting your beloved characters and creating memories that last a lifetime in Genshin Impact.

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