Does teapot shape matter?

Teapot shape has an effect on different tea varieties. The size of the pot is determined by the buyer's tea habit and the number of tea drinkers, as long as it is appropriate. The influence of tea taste is the shape of the teapot, the following  several common teapot shapes to introduce to you:

First, the round pot is most practical;
The round pot is the most common one, and the most reasonable price can be bought by beginners.

The pot with high body and lower mouth is suitable for brewing fermented tea, but too high tea will lose flavor, such as Pu 'er, black tea, etc., which need to be stewed at high temperature. The pot with such type is chosen to make tea sweeter and mellow, and taste more mellow.

Short body mouth pot, suitable for brewing tea without fermentation, but too short, the mouth lid is easy to overflow, such as green tea, Tieguanyin, Longjing, Biluochun and so on. It can fully display the tea's characteristic fragrance and refreshing taste at around 85 degrees Celsius.

Second, flat pot is the most suitable for reducing the taste of wuyi aged tea;
Flat pot, suitable for making cable-like Wuyi tea. This kind of flat pot has a full sense of stability, which can make the tea in the shape of a cable firmly set in the pot and release the fragrance of a body. When water is injected. Due to the short walls of the flat pot, the water flow is naturally buffered, and the small space inside the pot makes it easier for the tea to soak in the water and gently spit out the essence.

Three, square pot appearance is better than practical;
Unique square pot manufacturing is also big, the key lies in the practice of sludge to very well-balanced, otherwise the piece meet difficulty and failure rate is very high, square pot of practical value, however,  it is on the high side of manufacturing difficulty, make tea not easy rolling its internal Angle, water flow is easy to be blocked, nature will also be a certain degree of loss some taste and aroma.

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