How much should a Yixing teapot cost?

About how much the price of the Yixing teapot is the most reasonable, pot friends in addition to considering the below four factors, but also need to consider their own economic situation and the product or pot teacher acceptance.

Yixing people's suggestions, combined with the local supply price, it is suggested that novice players in the process of buying the purple sand pot to determine their own requirements for mud, pot and process. Under normal circumstances, the price of semi-manual pot is more reasonable than $100, and the price of the full manual teapots is more than $150, the most reasonable, in addition to special prevention of pot vendors to half hand posing as full manual pot sales and OEM and other common situations.

On the price of the specific reference method, we can do from the following four points:
1, From the molding process, Yixing purple sand pot can be divided into full manual pot, semi-manual pot, mold pot and chemical pot, grouting pot and so on. Because in the purple sand circle, we usually think that the chemical pot and grouting pot has not belonged to the real purple sand pot category, chemical pot and grouting pot general cost price is less than 10 dollars, so its value can be ignored.

Semi-manual is with the help of mold forming, usually a skilled pot maker can make 2-3 semi-manual zisha POTS a day, so now the market price of semi-manual pot is more reasonable within 100 dollars, if the price of semi-manual pot is higher than 100 dollars, it is basically not recommended to buy pot friends. On the contrary, the full manual teapot is made by hand, without the help of a mold, and the corresponding pot cycle is longer, a skilled pot maker to make a full manual teapot takes about 2 days, so the market price of the full manual teapot is more reasonable than $150.

2. From the perspective of the teapot style, the teapot style is diverse. According to statistics, there are about thousands of different types of models. Due to differences in appearance characteristics, such as round kettle, square kettle, mixed square kettle, light element, string tilitilium, or tilitilium kaeng, each type of kettle has different styles, different forming difficulties, and different cost and energy to make such a kettle.

3. From the perspective of the pot author, namely the pot maker, the production of purple sand pot belongs to a kind of handicraft. Each teacher has different time and proficiency in pot making, so the value of his works is naturally different. In addition, there are purple sand in the circle of professional title this professional rating method, the title of the pot teacher is different, the price of the sale of purple sand pot is naturally different.

4, From the true and false aspect, the true and false judgment is also one of the important factors to determine the price and value of the purple sand pot itself. I believe that every pot friends in the purchase of purple sand pot hope to be able to buy a real Yixing ore purple sand pot, rather than fake.