History Of Longquan Celadon

The best LongQuan Celadon is made from the porcelain clay stored for over 5 years.Having been shaped on the potter's wheel, carved and decorated, bisque fired in the kiln evenly glazed second fired and other dozens of procedures, it finally becomes a finished product.

 Longquan celadon presenting the beautiful shape of Chinese porcelains, is widely collected and used as the state-level gift. Unique decorative pattern, fine and coherent.The wares, fired with such a patter, shine with the beauty of life and vitality.

The craftsmen use the ancient waterwheel, the old firewood kiln and the old-fashioned paste making method to produce celadon wares in the traditonal style with the traditional coloers of glaze. All these wares show the public the time-honored skill and beauty of Longquan celadon.

Longquan celadon has a history of over 1000 years. There are not only the ingenious materpieces but also works used as household utensils. In its own way , Longquan celadon showcases the eternal charm of the Chinese culture as well as the beauty of life.

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