How To Identify Celadon

How to tell whether a celadon ware is good or not? First, look at the desgin; Second, examin the glaze to see if it's rich and smooth. Third, to see the workmanship if it is exquisite. The green color we often see is not just one directly sees on the outside. It is a green color with profoundness shining from within.

 The best qualities of celadon are green in color and smooth in appearance which perfectly are reflected on the Longquan celadon. It originates in Longquan county, Zhejiang province, look for the simplicity and elegance occurred in the past. 

The procedure of making the inkpad lid box including rubbing mud, throwing, glaze swing, decals, loading kiln and grinding foot, etc , are all coming from elder handicraftsmen's skill and experience which makes the celadon glaze green and smooth like jade bright like a mirror and sounds ringing. Take the selected mud , separate and rub to make the mud soft so as to increase the plasticity of the mud.

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