How can you tell if a Yixing teapot is real?

Yixing teapots on the market are dazzling and making people lost. Many people like to drink tea with Yingxing teapot, but we are concerned about the authenticity of the problem, mud problems, special chemical pot, so hesitate to start. The overall identification dimension for a Yixing teapot includes: color, component, water color, particle, impurity, process, and so on:

1: Bright or weird colors. Especially bright color, bright, weird pot, basically do not need to see! Such POTS are basically made of chemical materials, and the bright colors of nature are warning colors.

2: No weight after taking the hand (except for the thin tire). Fake material, thin tire pot is relatively light, easy to damage, take in the hand without a sense of measure do not look! Real weight, generally a purple sand pot needs about half a catty mud.

3: Not soaking pot surface water color should pay attention to. Pot surface pulp thick, look at the pot particles are wrapped in a layer of pulp on the surface, or more this can not see the particles, such a "mud pot" do not, because the air permeability is greatly discounted, lose the taste of purple sand, purple sand pot should pay attention to the "sand" sense. The two cases are that the mud contains chemical materials. When the mud is mixed with "awn powder", the pot made of good-looking water color and uniform color.

4: Unclear particles, no pores in cross section. Look at the pot of raw ore particles to be clear. In some POTS with chemical materials, the particles are wrapped in chemical materials, and the particles can not be seen clearly (20-30 times magnifying glass is needed to see).

5: No impurities, too uniform. There are impurities in the ore pot, and there are many impurities, and these impurities are not only iron. Impurities usually appear as black particles and are not evenly distributed on the surface of the pot, so many real raw ore POTS are ugly when leaving the kiln. POTS that look too clean and uniform need to be careful.

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