Why are clay teapots so expensive?

Many friends in the selection of contemporary clay teapot, will find that the price range of is very big, down to a few hundred, up to thousands, so what is the difference between them? The price of the teapot is composed of mud, workmanship, the author and many other factors. The following is a brief talk with you:

Analysis from the Angle of mud;
Purple sand pot of raw materials, in the price difference is very big. The quantity of output, the difficulty of mining and refining, the difficulty of mastering mud properties and the rate of finished products are all important factors affecting the price of mud materials.

How much is the difference between rare clay and ordinary clay? Take 30 catties of mud as an example, the high market price of rare mud is tens of thousands of yuan, and ordinary mud is hundreds of yuan, which is not the rate of finished products. Even some good stuff is not available.

Analysis from the process point of view
Good materials make good work. For the same pot, the master of clay, the use of tools and the level of pot-making skills will greatly affect the final effect of the work.

Good purple sand pot set practical function and aesthetic rules in one, make a good pot, time and energy need to spend a certain amount of effort, superior mud and exquisite technology, the price will naturally be with cheap low-end pot has a certain difference.

Traditional purple clay production starts from the basic mud making, and it takes at least several years of continuous learning to make the skills mature. During this cultivation process, each pot master has different talents, foundation, and effort level, and finally has high or low skill level. Deep foundation and general technology of the pot, look different, the price is certainly not the same.

In addition, some zisha POTS will have decorative techniques, such as pottery carving, clay painting, inlaying, mud wringing, plastering, bamboo weaving and so on. These techniques add a different style to the zisha plain ware, and increase the difficulty in the process. Pot art division with painstaking research skills in the purple sand pot decoration, spend more time and energy; If it is decorated by a famous person, the value is even higher.

Analysis of other aspects
There are also some special attributes of the pot, such as single items sent to auction, or won any awards, or a celebrity bought and so on with some special attributes of the pot in the strength and stunt of the double force support, the price will be relatively higher;

There is also the title pot, that is, the master pot will be higher than the price of the craftsmen;

Some people want to buy cheap ones, some want to buy good ones, some want to buy two or three hundred, some want to buy thousands of them. The value of good works lies in them. It is more important to like them than to be expensive.

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