How do you deep clean a teapot?

1, Teapots , Tea Cups and other tea sets used for a long time, will produce a lot of tea scale, at this time we can use a sponge to dip salt friction, so that you can easily clean the dirt on the tea set.

2, You can also use toothpaste or broken egg shell to scrub, and then clean with water.

3. The most convenient and convenient thing is to soak the tea set in the solution of vinegar or stain removing powder, let it stand for 2-4 hours, and rinse it with water. The tea set will take on a new look.

Be careful when cleaning the teapot:

1, After each drink tea, remember to throw away the tea leaves, and then clean the tea set. This can maintain a good habit for a long time, not only do not use any cleaning tools, but also keep the tea set bright and shiny.

2, After a long time of immersion, many tea sets are brown, with water will not wash off. At this time, we can squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the tea set, and evenly spread the toothpaste on the surface of the tea set with our hands or cotton swabs. Leave it for about a minute and then wash the tea set with water, so that the dirt can be easily removed. Cleaning with toothpaste is not only convenient, but also won't damage the tea set or hurt hands, both convenient and simple.

3, Be especially careful when cleaning utensils, avoid by all means use some rough cleaning tools to scrub, easy to damage tea tea set, although it can clean the tea set, but it is easy to hurt enamel on the surface of the tea, the tea set is more and more thin, tea scale will slowly seep into the tea set, tea set as it becomes the color of tea, very difficult to clean.

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