What can I do with a new teapot?

1, Clean your new teapot;

2,Season your new teapot;

3, Make yourself a pot of tea with your new teapot;

  • Start with cool, fresh water. Filtered or spring water is preferred.
  • Heat the water in a kettle or pot to the desired temperature.
  • At the same time, fill the teapot with hot water from your tap to pre-heat it.
  • When the water for tea is heated to the correct temperature, dump the pre-heating water out of the ceramic teapot.
  • Place leaves, teabag, or tea filled infuser into the teapot.
  • Pour water from the kettle over the tea leaves.
  • Cover the teapot with the lid.
  • Let brew for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Remove the tea leaves from the teapot.
  • Pour and enjoy!