How do you make tea in a Yixing teapot?

How do you make tea in a Yixing teapot? Follow the steps:

1, Submit

 It is advisable to choose a pot with a slightly larger capacity and a slightly wider lid, regardless of mud. Keep a clean supply of cold water and a boiling appliance, or boil boiled water and store it in a hot water bottle.

2, Warm pot polyester

In the teapot into boiling water, swing the pot, pour into the justice cup, and then pour into the justice cup respectively in sample tea cup, with "lion roll hydranea", or counterclockwise flat shake sample tea cup, or by hand rolling the method of warm wash sample tea cup, the last sample tea cup water directly into the tea tray.

3, Put the tea

Put pu 'er tea into the pot carefully, take out the tea from the pot with a teaspoon into the pot; Buy tea quantity according to the tea that tastes, the capacity of purple sand pot and decide.

4, Awaken the tea

Place boiling water in a pot at the level of freshly soaked tea leaves. Quickly pour to awaken the tea leaves. Repeat. Moistening tea can also be left in a fair cup, used to keep the kettle warm, or used to warm the cup and wash the utensils.

5, Waiting for the tea soup

Please note the speed and Angle of water injection. The speed of water injection will affect the temperature of water. If water injection is fast, the temperature is high; if water injection is slow, the water temperature of water flow is relatively low. Appropriate adjustment should be made according to the different characteristics of tea brewed. The Angle of water injection will affect the impact of water on the tea leaves and the rolling of tea leaves. More tea and cooked tea should not be too impact and rolling, otherwise the tea soup will be cloudy and opaque.

6, Pour the soup

The tea in the teapot is filtered into the fair cup, and then evenly low pour points into sample tea cup. Pour the tea slowly from the low position, and the spout should be close to the rim of the cup, so as not to lose the aroma and reduce the temperature.

A pot of tea, usually divided into four cups. Pour tea from the teapot into the cup, don't pour a full, start each cup first two points, and then circuit evenly added to seven points full, so that the concentration of each cup of tea is consistent, when the teapot pour tea into sample tea cup will do, in "point" shape will be "essence" in turn "point to each sample tea cup, each cup to drip evenly, in order to each cup of tea concentration is consistent.

7, Serve tea

Also known as serving tea to honor guests, are sample tea cup in the saucer, hold the cup with both hands, raise the eyebrows, presented to the guests.

8: Taste

After receiving the tea, taste it while it is hot, observe the color of the soup first, smell the aroma, and then sip the taste. Do not swallow the mouth of tea soup, while inhaling at the tip of the tongue, repeatedly appreciate, slowly swallow, enjoy the sweet aftertaste. When drinking Pu 'er tea, we should focus on the fragrance and color.

Only by heart can we make good tea, and good tea should be made by heart. Experience is just a starter, and making tea depends on practice. Using different temperatures and brewing times, you will see different variations in each brew of the same tea.

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