What is the best way to clean a teapot?

1. Wash directly After drinking tea, first pour out the tea leaves in the teapot, and then clean the tea set with water. This is the simplest way to clean the tea set.

2. Apply toothpaste and clean the tea set. If you can't clean the teapot immediately after drinking tea, wait until you have time to clean the tea set.

3. Wash with heated rice vinegar or baking soda If the teapot has a thick pile, it will be difficult to clean it with toothpaste.

4. Do not use rough cleaning tools that are easy to damage teapots.
Be especially careful when cleaning utensils, avoid by all means use some rough, easy cleaning tools to scrub damage tea tea set, although it can clean the tea set, but it is easy to hurt enamel on the surface of the tea, the tea set is more and more thin, tea scale will slowly seep into the tea set, tea set as it becomes the color of tea, very difficult to clean.

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